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These cards are quite interesting. They are specifically designed for understanding and healing one's relationship issues. They are not a divination tool, they are intended for the purpose of healing and insight. The work on the mirror principle (hence the title): the world is a mirror, reflecting back to us faithfully our inner world. The authors observe that in no area of life is this principle more visibly at work than in our personal romantic relationships. And they are right: our intimate partners always reflect back to us the parts of us that still need healing. For many of us, this is why we are in relationships in the first place: to deal with our with our stuff.

The cards are very pretty: all on a silvery smooth textured background, with great artwork and packaged in a very appropriately "mirror-like" shiny silvery box. The cards and their messages are all focused on relationship issues an are very insightful. Great cards to pick up when going through a bad patch with your significant other: they help to bring the real issue into focus, drowning out the inner noise. A good tool for personal growth.

The Mirror Cards

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