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Heaven and Earth Connections



 At  Heaven  and  Earth  Connections  we are  committed  to  aiding  the  individual  in  their  journey  to  becoming  completely   balanced  in  body  mind  and  spirit.  Healing  is  the  by  product  of  a  peaceful  mind.  The  mind  becomes  peaceful  and  still when   the  ego  is  no  longer  continually  thinking,  about  pain  or  trauma  from  the  past,  and  a   future  that  has  not  yet happened.     Silence  of  the  ego  mind  is  gained  through  the  healing  of  mental / emotional   pain  and  trauma.  There  are  many different   paths to  balance  and  wholeness,  and  different   avenues  may  be  combined.   The  path  to  wholeness  and  wellness is  a   Journey.   It  is  the  greatest  journey  of  your  life.   We  would  love  to  be  a  part  of  your  journey  and  invite  you  to begin on   your journey together us.  Joy,  Peace,  Happiness  and  Contentment  can become  a  part  of  your  life.   So  whether  or  not  you   have already  begun  your  journey,  We  invite  you  to  call  and  make  an  appointment  for  a  personal  consultation  and treatment   today.


 While  we  do  not  have  a  permanent   physical  location  at  this  time for some of our  services, all of our service  are  available  in   the  comfort  and privacy of  your own  home  or  office.   Some   of  our  services  are available  for  Events  like Parties, Fund raisers,   Employee aprecciation Days and Bridal Showers. 


 The  Mediumship / Intuitive  Development Class is  Friday Evenings 7PM -9PM  $20.00


 The  Message  Circle   meets  on Saturday  Evenings  7:00 PM - 9:00PM    

 $15.00   or 2/$25    Please  call  to Reserve your place. 585 - 472 - 4661  for  location  and  further  information.


 The  Deeksha / Oneness  Blessings  Circle  meets  on in the

 Blossom Business Center, 595 Blossom Rd.  Rochester  NY.  14610

 Suite #315

 Every  Thursday  Evening  at  7:00 PM.    Via MeetGoole 


 Forms of Payment accepted:


 Cash, Visa , Master Card, Discover & Paypal


To Schedule  Readings & Healing Session Appointments :

Phone: 585-472-4661






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