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Revel in romantic bliss with the help of the love oracle!
This user-friendly guide will help you resolve fears and overcome problems in your relationships by tapping into the wisdom of the I Ching, a 3,000-year-old Chinese oracle. Whether you are in love or just concerned about your relationship, The Lover's I Ching will provide you with guidelines for improving your relationship.

Beautifully bound in black velvet, The Lover's I Ching is a gorgeous gift edition which provides simple instructions on consulting the I Ching and interpreting its answers. The book explains each of the 64 Hexagrams, and has a current translation from the original Chinese, with the author's commentary applying the oracle's words in the context of a relationship. As an additional guide, you can then find out which of the 22 models of relationships represented in the I Ching is at work in your life at that moment.

The Lover's I Ching is not a love charm; it cannot make someone love you, but it may help the path of love run smoother.

The Lovers IChing

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