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Fortunately for all of us, another voice with a clear message that something wonderful is coming is certainly evident in James F. Twyman's Emissary of Light. It is a fast and fascinating read, I recommend it highly. Pay very close attention, for you will find yourself in this work." - Albert Clayton Gaulden, author, Clearing for the Millennium "It is often said that truth is stranger than fiction. Emissary of Light is mind-boggling because it recounts the true story of James Twyman's real-life adventure. I highly recommend it because it contains palatable 'Seedthoughts of Enlightenment,' a veritable banquet of easy-to-read and -digest information that we all need." - Barbara Hoberman Levine, author, Your Body Believes Every Word You SayTraveling in 1995 around war-torn Bosnia and Croatia, where he had gone to stage a peace concert, this author encountered The Emissaries: a small group of mystics who meditated 12 hours a day. He went on to detail their message - that humanity was now ready to create a new world - in a book that was translated into more than a dozen languages. This new edition provides behind-the-scenes information about the people met on that trip and offers additional commentary on the monks' compelling mystic vision.

Emissary of Light

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